Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dorothy Gish Desires to Thank -- January 14, 2015

Moving Picture World, 02-January-1915

After leaving the Biograph, DW Griffith formed Reliance-Majestic with Harry Aiken. Griffith brought along most of his Biograph stock company, including Fay Tincher, who became popular in the Bill, the Office Boy series of Komic comedies, playing Ethel, the Stenographer.  The typewriter dress and unusual hair became a trademark. 

Moving Picture World, 16-January-1915
Mary Alden played Austin Stoneman's mulatto mistress in Birth of a Nation.

Moving Picture World, 23-January-1915
"Dorothy Gish Desires to Thank

"Thousands of friends in all parts of the world who telegraphed and wrote their kindly sympathy, after the automobile accident which nearly cost her her life but from which she is now fully recovered." 

Moving Picture World, 30-January-1915
"Coming -- A new series of 'Bill, the Office Boy' stories by Paul West, featuring Fay Tincher as Ethel, the Stenographer." 

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