Monday, May 27, 2024

In Harm's Way -- May 27, 2024

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. I thought this was a good day to write about Otto Preminger's In Harm's Way, which was the last big World War Two epic shot in black and white. It starred John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal and a host of others. Critics didn't like the movie and Kirk Douglas thought the special effects in the final battle were amateurish, but I enjoyed. It starts in Hawaii before Pearl Harbor and shows how the US Navy adjusted to war. I assume that Saul Bass designed the poster.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Pam Grier 75 -- May 26, 2024

Beautiful and formidable actress Pam Grier was born 75 years ago today, on 26-May-1949. I wasn't old enough to go see most of her movies in the theaters.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Cat and Dogs -- May 25, 2024

Exhibitors Herald, 10-May-1924

Photos of stars and their pets have always been popular. Actress Margaret Livingstone appeared in many movies, most famously in FW Murnau's Sunrise. This item does not mention the name of her "imported English angora." The cat required high tea every after, "according to the Hodkinson Press Agent." 

Photoplay, May, 1924

Neal Burns appeared in Christie Comedies. His dog Blitz von Matershof won "the Photoplay Magazine silver cup, offered at the second show of the Shepherd Dog Club of the West, at Hollywood." 

Exhibitors Herald, 03-May-1924

Meanwhile, Strongheart the movie star was touring to promote his movie The Love Master. While in Massachusetts, he met the late President Harding's dog Laddie Boy. 

Exhibitors Herald, 03-May-1924

Friday, May 24, 2024

Clara Bow Will Play an Important Part -- May 24, 2024

Photoplay, May 1924

Clara Bow's career was skyrocketing 100 years ago today, in May 1924. Photoplay showed Clara Bow, sitting on the bed in her pajamas, reading Black Oxen, California writer Gertrude Atherton's controversial novel about a woman who recovers her youth through gland therapy. Clara had an important supporting role was in the 1923 Frank Lloyd film adapted from the book. The female star was Corinne Griffith, but Clara as "the flapperish Janet" made a big impression. "Frank Lloyd failed to find his ideal society flapper until he made more than fifty screen tests of well known flapper types." The quotes are from last month's post: Big V Riot Squad: Clara Bow -- The Ideal Society Flapper -- April 26, 2024.

Exhibitors Herald, 03-May-1924

Clara played Orchid McGonigle in Grit, a crime drama which is considered to be lost. 

Film Daily, 04-May-1924

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Absolutely New -- the Marvel of the Age! -- May 23, 2024

Montreal Daily Star, 31-May-1924

Lee De Forest, a pioneer in vacuum tubes and radio, introduced his Phonofilm sound-on-film picture process in 1923. By 1924, his movies were showing in major theaters. "Extra Special Added Attraction."

Film Daily, 11-May-1924

Plastigrams were 3-D movies that used a process invented by Frederic Eugene Ives and Jacob Leventhal. The movies were viewed with red- and blue-lensed glasses. I wonder what these psychologists found interesting. I need to see if there is a copy of that book available.

Film Daily, 05-May-1924

The World in Color was a magazine-format series of short films "Issued monthly by Kelley Color Laboratory." William Van Doren Kelley, inventor of the Prizma natural color process, opened a laboratory in New Jersey which would be dedicated to making natural color prints.

Film Daily, 11-May-1924

Film Daily, 11-May-1924

I don't know anything about Reel-Colors, Inc, but I will keep my eyes open.

Film Daily, 05-May-1924

Claude Friese-Greene was the son of William Friese-Greene, who claimed that he had invented motion pictures in the 1880s. William went on to try to develop color motion pictures and Claude carried on his father's work. 

Film Daily, 14-May-1924

Film Daily, 28-May-1924

Last month, we saw that the Brock Company, which I still know nothing about, applied hand coloring to sequences in feature films.

Film Daily, 21-May-1924

Experts from ATT announced that transmitting motion pictures (television) would never be practical. Always good to ask the experts. 

Exhibitors Herald, 24-May-1924

Another piece of technology which is not directly related to movies made a huge change in the movie industry. Before air conditioning, many theaters in hot areas had to close during the summer. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Announcing a New Series of 13 Alice Comedies -- May 22, 2024

Film Daily, 19-May-1924

This ad announces "13 One-Reel 'Alice Kid Comedies. A Combination  Cartoon and Live Character Series -- A Distinct Novelty." The Alice Comedies featured a live action little girl interacting with animated animals. They were produced by Walt Disney.

Film Daily, 11-May-1924

Margaret Winkler was a woman who distributed films. This was a rare thing. The movies she handled were most shorts and many were animated. She distributed Pat Sullivan's Felix the Cat cartoons, which were very popular. This ad announces that she will also distribute "a New Series of 13 Alice Comedies. Kid Comedies with Cartoons Co-Ordinated Into the Action. A Distinct Novelty."

Film Daily, 11-May-1924

This item describes how Felix had become a fad in Britain, but it seems to have been cut off at the end. We will never learn the conclusion to "Englishmen have no..."

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Roger Corman, RIP -- May 21, 2024

Roger Corman has died. I mean no disrespect to him, his family or his fans when I saw that I believe the whole thing was on time and under budget.