Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tom Mix Starts Work on Fiftieth Picture -- June 19, 2024

Exhibitors Herald, 07-June-1924

The article is a mite confusing. If I counted correctly, The Heart Buster was Tom's fifty-first starring feature for Fox. Before that, he appeared in shorts for Fox and a long series of shorts and a few features for the Selig Polyscope company.

Exhibitors Herald, 21-June-1924

Tom played a flying forest ranger in Eyes of the Forest, which was directed by Lambert Hillyer. Cupid's Round-up was Tom's first feature film for Fox, released in 1918. Edward LeSaint directed. Fox must have rereleased the movie. 

Davenport Daily Times, 28-June-1924

"When Tom Mix leaps from a horse to an airplane, you'll leap right out of your seat."

Davenport Daily Times, 28-June-1924

Tom in his aviator togs. 

Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, 28-June-1924

I like the wolf in this ad for North of Hudson Bay. John Ford directed. 

Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, 28-June-1924

Great Falls Tribune, 15-June-1924

"You've Seen -- TOM MIX -- in Trouble -- in Misery -- in Hot Water -- in Happiness. NOW SEE 'TOM MIX IN ARABIA'"

Photoplay, June, 1924

Exhibitors Herald, 14-June-1924

I was surprised to learn that Napier, New Zealand had a Mardi Gras carnival. Tom's hat wrote on a float in the parade. 

Exhibitors Herald, 14-June-1924

Tom Mix and heavyweight champ Jack Dempsey were major celebrities. Jack was in Hollywood to appear in a series of short films. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Harry Carey in Thriller -- June 18, 2024

Greebsboro Record, 13-June-1924

I like the image of the stagecoach holdup. Lloyd Ingraham directed Harry Carey in The Lightning Rider

Exhibitors Herald, 21-June-1924

Tiger Thompson -- What a great title. B Reeves Eason directed. 

Casper Daily Tribune, 15-June-1924

Canyon of the Fools was a 1923 movie directed by Val Paul. 

Casper Daily Tribune, 15-June-1924

Film Daily, 10-June-1924

Hunt Stromberg, "The Youngest Producing Genius in Filmland" produced Harry's pictures. 

Monday, June 17, 2024

Once Again Bill Hits the Entertainment Target Dead Center -- June 17, 2024

Casper Daily Tribune, 03-June-1924

Casper, Wyoming's Rialto Theater ran some interesting illustrated ads. Clifford Smith directed William S Hart in Singer Jim McKee. This  turned out to be his last movie for Paramount. Historian William K Everson said it was pretty silly to cast William S Hart as a singing cowboy, especially in a silent film.

Casper Daily Tribune, 04-June-1924

I like this image of Big Bill smashing through a door. "When it comes to Western melodramas Hart's are trumps. And here again the two-gun king shoots straight to the heart!"

Casper Daily Tribune, 04-June-1924

I wonder if Bill's face is obscured on purpose. 

Casper Daily Tribune, 02-June-1924

Casper Daily Tribune, 05-June-1924

The Casper Daily Tribune approved of the movie.

Photoplay, June, 1924

Photoplay also approved.

Photoplay, June, 1924

Don't ask me.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day, 2024 -- June 16, 2024

Happy Fathers' Day to all my fellow fathers. I miss my dad. And I miss my father-in-law. I haven't had anyone for whom to buy a card for a long time. I am lucky to have a great daughter and son-in-law.

Just last night, for the first time, I watched Ryan Coogler's Fruitvale Station, about the murder of Oscar Grant by a BART cop in 2009. Michael B Jordan played Oscar Grant. Grant was a young man who was as imperfect as we all are, but he was striving to be better, especially as a father to his young daughter. I could empathize with his struggle. All the performances were strong and convincing. The scenes on BART brought back memories.

I was surprised I didn't write about the case in my other blog. 

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Harold Lloyd -- No Limit of Una-Lloyd Joy! -- June 15, 2024

Casper Daily Tribune, 13-June-1924

I like this pair of ads for Harold Lloyd's Girl Shy that appeared in the Casper Daily Tribune. Here we see Harold hanging onto the pole of a trolley car during the movie's great chase. 

"Lloyd-laughs galore!
Chills and thrills by the score!
And love? See the world's
play-boy step! Such pep!
No limit of Una-Lloyd joy!"

It took me a minute to see that "Una-Lloyd joy!" was a play on "unalloyed joy." I must be getting slow in my old age. 

Casper Daily Tribune, 15-June-1924

"Actually, he feared
the pretty girls --
But in his dreams?
Oh, B-B-Boy!
What a Romeo"

Casper Daily Tribune, 15-June-1924

Casper Daily Tribune, 17-June-1924

"Oh Boy! It's Funny."

Casper Daily Tribune, 17-June-1924

"Conspicuous in his support is pretty Jobyna Ralston ... Jobyna brings to the screen a distinctive type of beauty, young, dainty and refreshing." 

Photoplay, June, 1924

Photoplay, June, 1924

Film Daily, 15-June-1924

Harold's next movie was released as Hot Water. That is a better title than Hubby

Photoplay, June, 1924

Before he developed "The Glass Character," Harold Lloyd played Lonesome Luke. Bebe Daniels was his leading lady in most of the Luke shorts. 

Photoplay, June, 1924

Snub Pollard supported Harold in the Lonesome Luke shorts. Bebe is not involved in this shot. 

Photoplay, June, 1924

Harold consults with Hal Roach, who produced all of his short films. 

Friday, June 14, 2024

Flag Day, 2024 -- June 14, 2024

Moving Picture Weekly, 01-June-1918

Happy Flag Day, everyone. In June, 1918, Moving Picture Weekly offered suggestions for marking Flag Day.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

The Longest Day -- June 6, 2024

80 years ago today, Operation Overlord began with the invasion of France by the Allies on D-Day.  This was a major step towards the end of the war.  The Longest Day, made in 1962, starred most of the actors in Hollywood and Europe.  Many of the actors had served in the war, and some were present at D-Day.

It is a long movie, but it was done well.  I watch it when it turns up on television.