Friday, April 19, 2024

The New Wisconsin Theater, Milwaukee -- April 19, 2024

Motion Picture News, 26-April-1924

The New Wisconsin Theater in Milwaukee had a beautiful lobby. The theater was built in 1921. It when through a variety of names, and went out of business in 1975. The site is now a vacant lot. 

Motion Picture News, 26-April-1924

The Original Gold-Diggers Were '49ers -- Most of the Modern Ones are 36s -- WAGL -- April 19, 2042

Film Daily, 11-April-1924

"The original gold-diggers were '49ers -- Most of the modern ones are 36s -- WAGL."

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Frisco Jenny -- April 18, 2024

Today is the 118th anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire in San Francisco. Wild Bill Wellman directed Ruth Chatterton in Frisco Jenny, a strong pre-code movie. The Earthquake and Fire kills Jenny's father and fiancee, and she gives birth soon after. She becomes involved in prostitution and has to give up her son. Her son grows up to be a lawyer and then district attorney. He doesn't know he is prosecuting his mother for murder and before she is hanged, she begs her old friend never to tell him.

WAGL is as WAGL Does -- April 18, 2024

"WAGL is as WAGL does."

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

M-G-M 100 -- April 17. 2024

Film Daily, 06-April-1924

100 years ago today, on 17-April-1924, the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (M-G-M) Corporation was formed by the merger of the Goldwyn Company and Louis B Mayer's Metro Pictures Corporation. M-G-M became the most powerful film corporation in Hollywood. I notice that this item does not mention the Loewe Corporation. I remember the credit on M-G-M movies that said "Controlled by the Loew's Corporation." 

Along with Mayer, the new company received production manager Irving Thalberg and his wife actress Norma Shearer.

"See How the World Wags," said Shakespeare. Nowadays it WAGLs -- April 17, 2024

Film Daily, 10-April-1924

"'See how the world Wags,' said Shakespeare. Nowadays it WAGLs."

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Henry Mancini 100 -- April 16, 2024

Composer Henry Mancini was born 100 years ago today, on 16-April-1924. I grew up hearing his music in movies, in television shows and when my dad would sometimes listen to KABL, an easy-listening station. He often worked with Blake Edwards. "The Pink Panther Theme" is ubiquitous.

Henry Mancini - The Pink Panther Theme | WDR Funkhausorchester

Moon River...Henry Mancini...

I Say A Little Prayer

Who Put the Wag in WAGL? Ask Halperin -- April 16, 2024

Film Daily, 10-April-1924

"Who put the wag in WAGL? Ask Halperin."

Monday, April 15, 2024

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Charlie Chaplin -- The Funniest Picture the World Has Ever Seen -- April 14, 2024

Photoplay, April, 1924

Charlie Chaplin was an avid amateur boxer, but I'm pretty sure Mack Swain is out of is weight class. Mack wears his costume from The Gold Rush. The referee is Kid McCoy, who was often called the dirtiest boxer in the world.

Motion Picture Magazine, April, 1924

Motion Picture Magazine, April, 1924

Chaplin's pretty new studio is presently (2024) occupied by the Jim Henson Company.

San Antonio Light, 15-April-1924

In 1914, Charlie Chaplin played a supporting role in his first feature film, Keystone's Tillie's Punctured Romance. Mabel Normand played a supporting role and Mack Sennett directed. The star was Marie Dressler. Tillie's Punctured Romance was repeatedly reissued to take advantage of Chaplin's fame.

Washington Times, 15-April-1924

WAGL Makes the World Go Round -- April 14, 2024

Film Daily, 08-April-1924

"WAGL makes the world go round."

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Stanley Donan 100 -- April 13, 2024
Director Stanley Donan was born 100 years ago today, on 13-April-1924. He directed Singing in the Rain and a slew of other good pictures.

Exhibitors Cry for It -- WAGL -- April 13, 2024

Film Daily, 08-April-1924

"Exhibitors cry for it -- WAGL."

Friday, April 12, 2024

WC Fields and Jack Benny -- April 12, 2024

Motion Picture News, 12-April-1924

WC Fields, who had been having a great success with Poppy on Broadway, planned to appear in a Marion Davies movie, Janice Meredith. His film career had been paused since he made two short comedies in 1915. 

Variety, 09-April-1924

Jack Benny, who later became a huge star on the radio and made several movies, was scheduled to play the Palace. The Palace was the pinnacle of vaudeville. 

You'd Leave Your Happy Home -- WAGL -- April 12, 2024

Film Daily, 06-April-1924

"You'd leave your happy home -- WAGL."

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Fred Thomson and His Wonderful Horse Silver King -- April 11, 2024

Motion Picture News, 26-April-1924

Fred Thomson (no relation) had a diverse career. While attending the Princeton Theological Seminary, he earned the Amateur Athletic Union's All-Around Champion trophy in 1910, 1911 and 1913. After being ordained as a Presbyterian minister, he joined the Army and served as a chaplain during World War One. He went into the movie business after he married director and screenwriter Frances Marion. In time, he became a major western star. Sadly, he died of tetanus in 1928.

FBO announced plans to release six movies starring Thomson. Number One was The Mask of Lopez. Number Three was Galloping Gallagher (great title). Number Two must have been North of Nevada, but I haven't found an ad that calls it Number Two. 

Motion Picture News, 12-April-1924

Silver King is a good name for a cowboy star's horse. 

Photoplay, April, 1924

"Boyish, lovable, with a sense of humor. Hoot Gibson, whose pictures are consistently good." That is a nice description of Old Hoot. 

Motion Picture News, 19-April-1924

Forty-Horse Hawkins is a good title. Eddie Sedgewick directed. Hoot winds up in New York City. We see him driving a cab in the middle image. 

Motion Picture News, 12-April-1924

Universal purchased a western novel for Hoot's next production. I was surprised to learn that they kept the title: The Ridin' Kid from Powder River

Photoplay, April, 1924

Art Acord and Hoot Gibson were friends. 

Film Daily, 28-April-1924

You might expect that "Buddy Roosevelt" was not this actor's real name. Kenneth Sanderson had a long career as an actor and a stuntman. He starred in a series of silent westerns and played small parts in many talkies. 

Film Daily, 29-April-1924

And you might question whether this guy's real name was Buffalo Bill, Jr. Jay Wilsey starred in a series of silent and early sound westerns. 

Photoplay, April, 1924

Jack Hoxie was a real cowboy and rodeo performer who became a star in the early 1920s.

Motion Picture News, 12-April-1924

Universal must have liked his work. They gave him a five-year contract.

Stockton Daily Evening Record, 30-April-1924

Stockton Daily Evening Record, 30-April-1924

Film Daily, 13-April-1924

I thought it was interesting that an outbreak of hoof and mouth disease in Southern California wreaked havoc on production schedules. 

Well, Who Wouldn't WAGL -- April 11, 2024

Film Daily, 06-April-1924

"Well, who wouldn't WAGL?"

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Buck Jones -- The Sheik of the Cow Country -- April 10, 2024

Photoplay, April, 1924

The Fox Film Corporation needed a western star to back up Tom Mix. Buck Jones made a long series of movies for Fox. I imagine they tried to change his name to Charles to allow him to move into other movie genres. This item is the first sign I have seen that Fox was giving up on the name change. I find his smile in this photo a little disconcerting. 

Motion Picture News, 05-April-1924

The Vagabond Trail, co-starring Marian Nixon, was directed by Wild Bill Wellman. 

Motion Picture News, 19-April-1924

Buck's next film, The Circus Cowboy, gave him the chance to invite children to serve as extras in the audience. "Several thousand of the youngsters are said to have responded."

Motion Picture News, 05-April-1924

As with The Vagabond Trail, The Circus Cowboy co-starred Marian Nixon, and was directed by Wild Bill Wellman.

Motion Picture News, 19-April-1924

Speaking of circuses, this item claims that Buck was a "featured rider in the Wild West Show of the Ringling Brothers' Circus -- back in 1915." He and his wife were in a wild west show in 1915, but I don't know if it was part of the Ringling Brothers' Circus.

It's on Everybody's Mind -- WAGL -- April 10, 2024

Film Daily, 06-April-1924

"It's on everybody's mind -- WAGL."

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Tom Mix -- Look Out Cowboy -- April 9, 2024

Baltimore Sun, 20-April-1924

Ladies to Board is believed to be lost. Jack Blystone directed. Tom rescues an elderly lady whose car runs away on a steep hill. Some years later, the lady dies and Tom inherits a sanitorium for older ladies. The residents come to love Tom and he falls for pretty nurse, played by Gertrude Olmstead. 

Motion Picture News, 19-April-1924

"Tom Mix is deserving of his popularity."

Motion Picture News, 12-April-1924

Tom's next film was to be The Trouble Shooter, which was written by the husband-and-wife team of Frederick and Fanny Hatton. They wrote many works for the stage and screen.

Motion Picture News, 26-April-1924

In the top image, we see Tom wearing one of those loud sweaters favored in the far north. 

Photoplay, April, 1924

"The favorite of the small boy, and the dearest dream of the sub-deb!"