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Hart Deal Off -- April 7, 2024

Motion Picture Magazine, April, 1924

This issue of Motion Picture Magazine carried a color portrait of William S Hart on its cover.

Film Daily, 06-April-1924

William S Hart and Famous Players had "come to the parting of the ways." This item said that Famous "did not enjoy the material that Hart used in his recent pictures."

Film Daily, 06-April-1924

This item, from the same issue of Film Daily says that Famous Players and Hart had been negotiating, but the deal fell through. 

San Francisco Bulletin, 25-April-1924

A McClure Newspaper Syndicate writer asked various celebrities about "When I was Twenty-One." William S Hart said "At the age of 21, I was an actor. My ambition was to endeavor to become a good one."  "Hart's statement as to what his position in life was at the age of 21, and what his hopes and ambitions were at that time is both laconic, as one would expect it to be from him, and decidedly to the point."

Photoplay, April, 1924

Some readers will remember that Dorothy Davenport's husband, actor Wallace Reid, had died suddenly on 18-January-1923, leaving her with two small children. Neighbor William S Hart visited on Christmas day to do "his best to make Christmas seem natural to little Bill and Betty Reid." That was a good deed. 

More about Dorothy Davenport:

On New Year's Day, Hart attended the Rose Bowl Game, held for only the second time at the Rose Bowl, and saw Washington and Navy tie at 14-14. The game program was shaped like a football. 

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