Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Orson Welles 100 -- May 6, 2015

Happy 100th birthday to Orson Welles, star of stage, movies, magic, wine commercials and radio.  Read about some of his radio adventures on my other blog:

I had read a lot about Citizen Kane, but didn't get to see it until I was in high school.  I was impressed.

At some point I read about the butchery of The Magnificent Ambersons

Late in high school or early in college, I got a subscription to the American Film Institute's magazine.  I think I read an article there about "Hearts of Age," Welles' first amateur movie.  I had made several amateur movies, too. 

Some time in college I read that his first project for RKO had been an adaption of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness."  I think it had a page of the script and some drawings.
I enjoyed reading about his many aborted or stretched out projects almost as much as some of his movies.  And I enjoyed his movies a lot.
Welles was talented, intelligent, a great raconteur and he married Rita Hayworth. 

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