Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Academy Awards -- March 3, 2014

Film Daily, 20-March-1945.

I thought I would write about my experiences watching this year's Academy Awards.  We were at my mom's house for dinner.  Between bouts of helping in the kitchen, we saw some of the red carpet show, which is pretty silly.  Leonardo DiCaprio wore a navy blue tux.  That is not right. 

Dinner was served just as the awards started.  We left the television on, which we rarely do.  My mother made stuffed zucchini, onions and green bell peppers.  She complained that her mother got the potato slices underneath to brown on both sides, but she could only get them to brown on the bottom.  She also said that her mother ground the meat again so it was very fine.  Then she asked who was talking.  We said the host was Ellen DeGeneres.  My mother looked over her shoulder and said she didn't recognize her.  My mother stood up to see Kim Novak as a presenter. 

Every time they announced an award, somebody talked and I didn't hear who won.  We want to see the short about the 110-year-old woman. 

After we finished dinner, we went out to the kitchen to get the coffee and the apple pie.  The pie was good. 

Then we did the dishes and put away the food and packed up some leftovers.  Then we drove home.  I fed the cat and put away the leftovers.  I saw Glen Close come out in a nice gown to present the list of people who had died.  Then I had to go out to the garage to get more boxes of soda so I could make my lunch for tomorrow.  Then I made my lunch. 

I got to see best director, Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity

Sidney Poitier is very old and unsteady, but everyone was happy to wait for him to walk out. 

12 Years a Slave won best picture.  I want to see it. 

The only nominated picture we saw was The Lone Ranger

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