Thursday, March 27, 2014

Match Carpentier-Sullivan -- March 27, 2014

Great French boxer Georges Carpentier defeated British fighter Jim Sullivan on 29-February-1912 for the  middleweight championship of Europe.  This ad for the film of the fight is from the 09-March-1912 Cine-Journal. Georges Carpentier, the Orchid Man, had a long career as a boxer, from about 1908 to 1926.    Carpentier later moved up to light heavyweight and then heavyweight.  During the First World War, he served as an observer in the French air service.  After the war, he won the world light heavyweight championship in 1919.  In 1921, Carpentier fought Jack Dempsey for the heavyweight championship of the world.  Carpentier broke his thumb on Dempsey's head in the second and Dempsey knocked him out in the fourth. 

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