Saturday, May 19, 2018

S Rankin Drew 100 Years -- May 19, 2018

Motion Picture Magazine, September, 1918
Director and actor S(idney) Rankin Drew was the son of Sidney Drew and Gladys Rankin Drew of the Mr and Mrs Sidney Drew comedies and cousin of Ethel, Lionel and John Barrymore.  The second Mrs Drew, Lucille McVey, was his stepmother. 

Based on the photo, Rankin Drew was a lot better-looking than his dad.  He seems to have resembled his cousin John.

When America entered World War One, Rankin Drew enlisted right away.  He became an aviator, and was reported missing after a combat on 19-May-1918.  It was later determined that he died that day.  The news shattered his father, who kept working but died the next year.

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