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The Coming of Tarzan of the Apes -- Febraury 25, 2018

Moving Picture World, 09-February-1918
Tarzan first appeared in Tarzan of the Apes, serialized in All-Story Magazine in 1912. The novel by American Edgar Rice Burroughs was published as a book in 1914. The first film adaption was Tarzan of the Apes, released in 1918. "5 million people sat up all night to finish reading the book." 

Moving Picture World, 09-February-1918
"Much Publicity for /'Tarzan of the Apes.'"  No kidding.

Moving Picture World, 09-February-1918
"Special Stunts" refers to publicity rather than action in the movie.  "The real novelty, however was a man-sized ape that was dressed the part and served as a ticket-taker.  Eight apes darted around in cages in the lobby, and there were also many monks capering around in the jungle scenery that framed the picture on the stage." 

Moving Picture World, 16-February-1918
"Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of 'Tarzan of the Apes,' has not written another 'Robinson Crusoe' or that other classic of adventure, 'Cast Up By the Sea,' but he has given to fiction a novel and interesting tale that loses none of its grip from the fact that it never did and never could happen."  Cast Up By the Sea was an 1869 novel by British explorer Sir Samuel White Baker.  Reviewer Edward Weitzel thought Elmo Lincoln, who played Tarzan as an adult, leaves "nothing to be desired."

Moving Picture World, 23-February-1918
"7 degrees below zero -- during wild sleet storm -- the Broadway Theatre was packed -- every seat sold and 300 standing at each performance and at prices ranging up to $1.50 at all performances." 

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