Monday, November 10, 2014

The Famous Gish Sisters -- November 10, 2014

Moving Picture World, 07-November-1914

After leaving the Biograph, DW Griffith formed Reliance-Majestic with Harry Aiken. Griffith brought along most of his Biograph stock company, including Lillian Gish, "the most beautiful actress in America."

Moving Picture World, 07-November-1914

Lillian Gish "has been absent from Majestic features for two months, having been engaged during that itme in playing a leading part in Mr. Griffith's special production of The Clansman.  She will now appear regularly in Majestic releases." 

Moving Picture World, 14-November-1914

I have mentioned before that I really like this photo of Blanche Sweet. 

Moving Picture World, 14-November-1914
The only member of the "Famous Authors Whose Stories are Filmed By The Majestic Motion Picture Co." may be O Henry. 

Moving Picture World, 28-November-1914

"The Famous Gish Sisters -- Lillian and Dorothy -- Appearing together for the first time in a Majestic release."  Appropriately, it was called "The Sisters." 

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