Tuesday, February 4, 2014

El Hijo de Tarzan -- February 4, 2014

El Hijo de Tazan, The Son of Tarzan, was a 1921 movie serial based loosely on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Kamuela C Searle, who was Hawaiian, played Korak, Son of Tarzan.   I remember reading that Searle died during production when, he was a tied to a stake and an elephant picked up the stake and slammed it to the ground.  The story said the serial had to be completed by a double.  Recent scholarship says that Searle was injured by the mishap and had to be doubled for a while, but he finished the serial, made one more movie, and then retired.  He died of cancer a few years later. 

The ad is from the January, 1921 Cine-Mundial, a Spanish language film magazine produced in the United States. 

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