Saturday, October 30, 2021

Stunt No. 33 -- October 30, 2021

Moving Picture World, 01-October-1921

It occurred to me a couple of months ago that I have not posted enough items about movie serials. Charles Hutchison wrote, directed, acted and performed stunts in many Pathé serials (Pathéserials). He was especially good at motorcycle stunts. Hurricane Hutch was directed by George B Seitz. It featured Warner Oland, who appeared in many silent serials. This ad shows Hutch performing Stunt No. 38, riding a log down a flume.

Moving Picture World, 08-October-1921

And this ad shows Stunt No. 17, going over a forty-foot waterfall. I need to find the other numbers. 

Moving Picture World, 22-October-1921

Stunt No. 33, Hutch and his leading lady going over a waterfall in a canoe. 

Exhibitors Herald, 22-October-1921

Colonel William N Selig encouraged people to WAIT for his masterful but not-as-yet named serial with wild animals. Selig kept a zoo so he had a good selection of animals. 

Exhibitors Herald, 01-October-1921

Elmo Lincoln, who had a huge chest, played Tarzan for the third time in The Adventures of Tarzan.

Moving Picture World, 15-October-1921

Louise Lorraine played Jane.

Exhibitors Herald, 01-October-1921

Art Acord was a cowboy star who appeared in many silent films, but did not make the transition to talkies. Winners of the West claimed to be based on history. It was a big Universal production.

Moving Picture World, 22-October-1921

Universal said the serial "will need no censor." Censorship of movies was a hot topic. 

Exhibitors Herald, 01-October-1921

Ann Little acted in many movies during the Teens and Twenties and retired from acting in the mid-Twenties. Co-star Ben F Wilson produced, directed and starred in many silent movies. I suspect The Blue Fox is lost. 

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