Friday, October 15, 2021

Buck Jones Scores Again -- October 15, 2021

Moving Picture World, 22-October-1921

Buck Jones started out as Fox Film Corporation's second-tier cowboy star, after Tom Mix. He went on to have a strong career, well into the talkie era. I think he deserves his own series. Bar Nothing is a good title.

Moving Picture World, 08-October-1921

Eddie Sedgwick directed and Ruth Renick co-starred.

Bemidji Daily Pioneer, 15-October-1921

"They aroused the wrong man! They started something -- he finished it!"

Exhibitors Herald, 08-October-1921

Hoot Gibson was a contemporary of Tom Mix and Buck Jones. His movies tended to emphasize humor. He starred in Universal productions.

Moving Picture World, 29-October-1921

Lester Cuneo had worked with Tom Mix at the Selig Polyscope Company and then served in the army during World War One. Unable to deal with the death of his wife, Cuneo died by his own hand in 1925. Mrs Wallace Reid was Dorothy Davenport. Learn more about her here:

Exhibitors Herald, 01-October-1921

Lester Cuneo planned to make a "Spanish picture" in Mexico. 

Exhibitors Herald, 22-October-1921

The Vitagraph starred William Duncan and his wife Edith Johnson in two features, Steelheart and Where Men Are Men

Exhibitors Herald, 22-October-1921

Benjamin B Hampton produced adaptions of six Zane Grey novels, including The Mysterious Rider. Robert McKim, who had played Zorro's nemesis in the Douglas Fairbanks movie, starred. McKim died in 1927. Learn more about Benjamin B Hampton, who promoted Zane Grey Week:

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