Sunday, October 3, 2021

DW Griffith -- Make the Most of Your Opportunity -- October 3, 2021

Exhibitors Herald, 15-October-1921

I don't mention DW Griffith much in this blog. When I first started reading movie books, he got credit for inventing many things in cinema. He didn't, but He did make some good movies. Way Down East, based on a popular stage play written by Charlotte Blair Parker. 

I remember that years ago San Francisco's Surf Theater hosted a DW Griffith festival. One night I went to see Broken Blossoms and Way Down East with a friend and two guys he knew who had probably never seen a silent movie. The two guys didn't like Broken Blossoms, but they both got involved with Way Down East. After the movie, one guy talked about the scene where Lowell Sherman's villain gets denounced. He said "He (excreted) a brick." I was happy to see that this movie could still affect people. 

Exhibitors Herald, 15-October-1921

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