Saturday, September 11, 2021

William S Hart -- The Tale of a Big Man's Fight for Justice -- September 11, 2021

Indiana Daily Times, 03-September-1921

Lambert Hillyer directed William S Hart in The Whistle, a William S Hart Production released by Paramount. At the Isis Theater in Indianapolis, Hart shared the bill with Roscoe Arbuckle in "The Garage," a short comedy which also featured Buster Keaton (one of their best).

Moving Picture World, 04-July-1914

Bisbee Daily Review, 01-September-1921

The Amazon Theater in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho showed Bill Hart in The Cradle of Courage for two days, paired with a short Mack Sennett comedy.

Manchester Journal, 01-September-1921

Wolves of the Rail was a rereleased 1919 Thomas H Ince production. It was paired with a Larry Semon short comedy, "The Head Waiter." The Old Depot Theater (I like the name) was in Manchester Depot, Vermont.

Moving Picture Weekly, 03-September-1921

I'd like to mention a contemporary of William S Hart, Harry Carey. I have enjoyed every movie in which I have seen him. I should give Carey his own monthly post. Here seem him again called "Human Harry Carey." In Blue Streak McCoy, Harry was supported by Breezy Eason, the six-year-old son of B Reeves Eason, who directed the movie.

Moving Picture World, 17-September-1921

Sundown Slim is a good title for a movie. Harry played a drifter who went to jail for a friend. I like the drawing of Harry.

Moving Picture World, 24-September-1921

Moving Picture World, 10-September-1921

I do not know why, but Fox ran a slew of ads with folksy quotes from Human Harry Carey. Perhaps I will make this a series.

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