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Tom Mix -- The Night Horsemen -- September 15, 2021

Omaha Bee, 25-September-1921

I like the design of this ad for The Night Horsemen, which apparently survives in an archive. It is based on a novel by Max Brand (Frederick Schiller Faust), who wrote lots of Westerns.

Moving Picture World, 31-January-1920

Exhibitors Herald, 17-September-1921

Exhibitors Herald, 03-September-1921

Tom Mix and Fox's number two western star, Buck Jones talked about touring the rodeo circuit together.

Moving Picture World, 24-September-1921

Tom Mix was invited to visit the Pendleton Round-Up, a major rodeo.

East Oregonian, 10-September-1921

Unfortunately, his schedule did not permit him to go. 

Exhibitors Herald, 17-September-1921

Buck Jones serenades his leading lady, Helen Ferguson, in To A Finish. I find the title interesting because usually we would say "To The Finish."

Exhibitors Herald, 17-September-1921

Moving Picture Weekly, 03-September-1921

"Let your crowd go wild with excitement when the fearless king of cowboys fights the skull-faced demons." Sounds like an exciting serial. Art Acord was another contemporary of Mix and Jones, who appeared in many silent films, but did not make the transition to talkies.

Moving Picture Weekly, 11-September-1921

Frank Mayo had a long career but never became a star. John Ford directed him in Hitchin' Posts.

Moving Picture Weekly, 11-September-1921

Moving Picture Weekly, 03-September-1921

Hoot Gibson was a contemporary of Tom Mix and Buck Jones. His movies tended to emphasize humor. How about those sheepskin chaps?

Moving Picture Weekly, 25-September-1921

"Universal's first Americanism Film"!?

Moving Picture World, 03-September-1921

Lester Cuneo had worked with Tom Mix at the Selig Polyscope Company and then served in the army during World War One. Cuneo died by his own hand in 1925. 

Moving Picture World, 17-September-1921

Tom Santschi (hard name to spell) had a long career, but mostly worked in small character parts after the mid-1920s. The Secret of Butte Ridge was directed by Bob Bradbury.

Moving Picture World, 24-September-1921

Santschi's leading lady in The Honor of Ramirez was Bessie Love. 

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