Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Keaton is Ours! -- September 21, 2021

Moving Picture World, 10-September-1921

First National crowed about their success in signing Buster Keaton to release his short films through their system. His distinctive makeup is one of several that he wore in "The Playhouse."

Moving Picture World, 10-September-1921

"The Playhouse" was Buster's first production of his second season in 1921-1922. "The Playhouse" starts with an extended dream sequence where Buster plays the cast, the orchestra and the audience of a vaudeville show.

Moving Picture World, 03-September-1921

Buster was busy producing more movies.

Moving Picture World, 17-September-1921

The members of the Rotary Club of Bridgeport, Connecticut were treated to a pre-release showing of Buster and Chaplin's next movies. Buster's could have been "The Playhouse." Chaplin's could have been "The Idle Class."

Exhibitors Herald, 10-September-1921

"The Village Blacksmith" was released as "The Blacksmith."

Exhibitors Herald, 17-September-1921

Americus Times-Recorder, 29-September-1921

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