Thursday, September 23, 2021

Harry Langdon -- The Brave Coward -- September 23, 2021

Jewish Monitor, 16-September-1921

Harry Langdon would be the last of the great silent comics to go into films. 100 years go this month, he was still appearing in vaudeville. He appeared in his first movie in 1923. He wrote sketches for other acts. Harry wrote "The Brave Coward" for Olive Briscoe and Al Rauh.

National Vaudeville Association Souvenir, 1923

This item from the 1923 NVA Souvenir mentions the various sketches that Harry Langdon had written for vaudeville. It also mentions the beginning of his movie career with Sol Lesser's Principal Pictures.

National Vaudeville Association Souvenir, 1924

The NVA was the National Vaudeville Artists.

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