Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Lincoln Motion Picture Company -- August 31, 2021

Omaha Monitor, 04-August-1921

The Lincoln Motion Picture Company, founded in Omaha in 1916 by brothers Noble and George Johnson, is often called the first company to make "race films," independent production with all- or almost-all-African American casts. In 1918, the company moved to Los Angeles, where it remained until it folded in 1922. The Johnsons left the company in about 1920. By Right of Birth, starring Clarence Brooks, was the company's fifth and last production. Actor Clarence Brooks went on to appear in many race films and some mainstream films during his career.

Omaha Monitor, 04-August-1921

Chicago Whip, 27-August-1921

The Lincoln Motion Picture Company produced A Man's Duty in 1919.

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