Thursday, August 19, 2021

Gene Roddenberry 100 -- August 19, 2021

Gene Roddenberry, who created Star Trek and inspired its many descendants, was born 100 years ago today, on 19-August-1921. He flew for the US Army Air Force during World War Two. He started to write television scripts while he served in the Los Angeles Police Department. When he became a successful writer, he left the LAPD.

When Star Trek went on the air in 1965, its cast was far more diverse than any other show's. The show was popular with science fiction devotees, including my sister, but did not do well in the ratings. I watched it with her and enjoyed the special effects and the details. I assumed the creator must have served in the navy, because the Enterprise was run like a navy ship. I was sad when NBC tried to cancel it after two seasons, and was impressed that fans were able to get it back for a third season.

I saw Star Trek: The Motion Picture in the theater and was not impressed. I liked Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I have seen some of the other movies on television.

I saw a few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but did not follow it.

I saw the first revival movie and thought it was ok.

Gene Roddenberry had a strong and ongoing influence on American culture. 

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