Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Best Specimen of Virile Characterization Ever Put on a Screen -- December 21, 2014

Motography, 07-November-1914

George Middleton, a San Francisco automobile dealer, married the beautiful and celebrated prima donna (that's how she was billed), musical comedy actress Beatriz Michelena in San Francisco in 1907. She left the stage for a while, then returned in 1910. In 1912, Middleton, son of a famous family in the lumber business, founded the California Motion Picture Company in San Rafael, north of San Francisco. At first he made promotional films for his auto business, but in 1914 he began to produce dramatic features starring his wife. Salomy Jane still survives and is very impressive. Most of the CMPC movies were destroyed in a fire.

Motography, 14-November-1914
Their first feature was an adaption of Salomy Jane by Bret Harte.  "There is not a dull moment in its entire six reels."  I agree. 

Motography, 28-November-1914

Salomy Jane did well at the Portola Theater in San Francisco.  "Strictly High Class." 

Motography, 28-November-1914
ALCO did a bad job of distributing the films of the CMPC.  I believe ALCO went bankrupt soon after. 

Moving Picture World, 26-December-1914

This ad announces that the next CMPC production, an adaption of Alice Hegan Rice's Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch would be release in January by Lewis J Selznick's World Film Corporation. 

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