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They Are Subtly Teaching Us That They Are Superior -- May 30, 2024

Baltimore Afro-American, 02-May-1924

The author of this article hopes that Oscar Micheaux will succeed so that "we may have more colored films." The author says that white-made films "are subtly teaching us that they are superior." "The influence of the devilishly conceived 'Birth of a Nation' will not soon be counteracted." 

I like the 3-D effect in this ad for Micheaux's Symbold of the Unconquered

Kentucky Post, 24-May-1924

This may be the first reference I have seen to The Flaming Circle, a western directed by William H Grimes and Leo C Popkin. I don't know anything about William H Grimes but Leo C Popkin directed other race films like The Duke is Tops and later directed the original version of D.O.A. 

The lines are out of order, but the item states that "This is said to be the first film drama ever produced with an all-colored cast." We know that is not true. 

I will keep digging for information about Monarch Productions.

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