Tuesday, May 7, 2024

The Autobiography of Harold Lloyd -- May 7, 2024

Photoplay, May, 1924

One day I may post "The Autobiography of Harold Lloyd."

Photoplay, May, 1924

Here we see a studio scene taken during the production of Harold Lloyd's feature film Girl Shy, and a still from the film.

Exhibitors Herald, 03-May-1924

Harold Lloyd poses with his production team after they wrapped Girl Shy

Film Daily, 04-May-1924

Girl Shy played at New York's Strand Theater "for three consecutive weeks!"

Film Daily, 09-May-1924

"Records! Records! Records!" Girl Shy "breaks all records for gross and attendance" at several theaters including San Francisco's Warfield. 

Film Daily, 29-May-1924

Pathé provided music cue sheets to theaters that showed Girl Shy

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