Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Announcing a New Series of 13 Alice Comedies -- May 22, 2024

Film Daily, 19-May-1924

This ad announces "13 One-Reel 'Alice Kid Comedies. A Combination  Cartoon and Live Character Series -- A Distinct Novelty." The Alice Comedies featured a live action little girl interacting with animated animals. They were produced by Walt Disney.

Film Daily, 11-May-1924

Margaret Winkler was a woman who distributed films. This was a rare thing. The movies she handled were most shorts and many were animated. She distributed Pat Sullivan's Felix the Cat cartoons, which were very popular. This ad announces that she will also distribute "a New Series of 13 Alice Comedies. Kid Comedies with Cartoons Co-Ordinated Into the Action. A Distinct Novelty."

Film Daily, 11-May-1924

This item describes how Felix had become a fad in Britain, but it seems to have been cut off at the end. We will never learn the conclusion to "Englishmen have no..."

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