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Tom Mix -- Hail the Stunt King in a Comedy Riot! -- September 11, 2013

Motion Picture News, 01-September-1923

Soft Boiled looks like fun. Tom Mix played a nerd. I like his disarrayed glasses. The film may still survive. The leading lady was Billie Dove. John G Blystone directed.

Birmingham Age-Herald, 09-September-1923

I like the lettering in this ad for Stepping Fast, especially for the "Loew's Bijou" at the top. 

Motion Picture News, 01-September-1923

In The Lone Star Ranger, based on the novel by Zane Grey, Tom Mix plays Buck Duane who gets a lot of grief because his father was a bandit. Later he becomes a Texas Ranger.

Moving Picture World, 28-June-1919

William Farnum starred in a 1919 version for Fox.

Screenland, April, 1930

George O'Brien starred in a talkie version in 1930. 

Motion Picture News, 01-September-1923

Max Brand's novel Gun Gentlemen (not Gentleman) was to be made under the title The Flyin' Fool. It was released as Mile-a-Minute Romeo

Motion Picture News, 01-September-1923

Lambert Hillyer directed.

Motion Picture News, 08-September-1923

Tom Mix loved fast vehicles. He won a motorboat race against Dustin Farnum at Santa Barbara. 

Film Daily, 10-September-1923

Tom was a fight fan and a friend of heavyweight champ Jack Dempsey. Mix took an entourage to New York to see the Dempsey-Firpo fight. 

Motion Picture News, 22-September-1923

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