Sunday, September 3, 2023

Biograph -- All Films 12 Cents -- September 3, 2023

New York Clipper, 11-April-1903

The American Mutoscope and Biograph Company was an early American producer and manufacturer. Biograph offered its own productions, many made at the famous studio at 11 East 14th Street in Manhattan. They also carried Star Films produced by Georges Méliès in France and British films made by Charles Urban's Warwick Trading Company. 

This ad also has a "Special -- Just Received, Launching of Shamrock III, With Sir Thos. Lipton and His Guests." British yachtsman Sir Thomas Lipton, founder of the tea company, tried to win the America's Cup five times between 1899 and 1930, always with a boat named Shamrock.  He never won, but he was widely respected for his sportsmanship. Perhaps this was film of the launching of the Shamrock III in 1903:

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