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Chaplin -- The Man Who Directed A Woman of Paris -- September 17, 2023

Los Angeles Times, 12-September-1923

A Woman of Paris was a dramatic feature directed by Charlie Chaplin. He did not appear in the movie, except in a cameo. Edna Purviance played the title character. Adolphe Menjou played the well-dressed antagonist. 

Los Angeles Times, 20-September-1923

100 years ago this month, A Woman of Paris opened at the Criterion Theater in Los Angeles. "it will smash all sacred conventions." The note in fine print says "Charles Chaplin does not personally appear in "A Woman of Paris." Chaplin did arrange the stage prologue that went on before each showing of the movie. 

Motion Picture News, 08-September-1923

A Woman of Paris opened in Los Angeles to good reviews. 

Film Daily, 28-September-1926

Chaplin travelled to New York to see how audiences reacted to A Woman of Paris

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