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Tom Mix is "Some Swell" -- December 13, 2021

Jasper, Indiana Weekly Courier, 09-December-1921

Tom Mix was the greatest western star in silent films, but some of his movies went farther afield. Trailin' appears to have begun in the east or in England. Here we see Tom may be dressed for a fox hunt. Later the film moved to the West. Lynn Reynolds directed. 

Albuquerque Evening Herald, 13-December-1921

"From the widely read novel by Max Brand." Tom Mix made other movies based on novels by Max Brand (Frederick Schiller Faust), who wrote lots of Westerns. He later created the character Doctor Kildaire.

Moving Picture World, 03-December-1921

In these scenes from Trailin', we see Tom Mix in evening clothes, attired for fox hunting, and dressed for a saloon out West. 

Moving Picture World, 03-December-1921

Here we see Tom in a top hat and various caps, but not a Stetson. 

Clovis News, 15-December-1921

Tom Mix and Tony appeared in The Rough Diamond, directed by Eddie Sedgwick, at Clovis, New Mexico's Lyceum Theater, accompanied by a Mutt and Jeff cartoon. 

Newark Journal, 08-December-1921

Hands Off, directed by George Marshall, played at Newark, New Jersey's Royal Theater. "Snub and Sambo Comedy" must refer to one of the films that Hal Roach produced with Snub Pollard and Sunshine Sammy Morrison.

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