Thursday, December 9, 2021

Bill Hart in Arms -- December 9, 2021

Perth Amboy Evening News, 16-December-1921

On 07-December-1921, cowboy star William S Hart married Winifred Westover, who had  starred with him in 1919 in John Petticoats. She was a native of San Francisco. Hart threw her out of the house, pregnant, after six months of marriage. They divorced in 1927.

Albuquerque Morning Journal, 18-December-1921

"Hart is more than twice the age of his pretty young bride, who is twenty-two." He was fifty-seven. 

Moving Picture World, 03-December-1921

Lambert Hillyer directed Hart in White Oak, where he played a character named Oak Miller. 

Indiana Daily Times, 03-December-1921

The bill at the Isis Theater in Indianapolis included a short film in the "Adventures of Bill and Bob" series, directed by Robert N Bradbury and starring his sons Bob, Jr and Bill.

Clovis News, 08-December-1921

Hart played three parts in Three Word Brand which was  directed by Lambert Hillyer.

Cordova, Alaska Daily Times, 16-December-1921

Sand was a 1920 production, also directed by Lambert Hillyer. 

Pueblo Chieftan, 18-December-1921

Hart and his pony Fritz went over a cliff in Sand

Klamath Falls Evening Herald, 28-December-1921

The Aryan, a 1916 film (with an unfortunate title) produced by Thomas Ince, was back in release. 

Motion Picture News, 10-December-1921
When I saw Neal Hart's name, I assumed he was one of many actors who changed their last names to match famous stars, but Neal Hart was this gentleman's real name and he was said to be a distant cousin of William S Hart.

Motion Picture News, 10-December-1921

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