Monday, December 20, 2021

Chaplin -- The Great Picture The World's Greatest Comedian Has Been Making For a Whole Year -- December 20, 2021

Richmond, Kentucky Daily Register, 24-December-1921

Christmas is coming.

The Alhambra and Opera House theaters in Richmond, Kentucky offered Charlie Chaplin's The Kid during Christmas Week.

Alaska Daily Empire, 29-December-1921

Juneau's Coliseum wished its patrons a Merry Christmas by showing The Kid

Klamath Falls Evening Herald, 10-December-1921

Klamath Falls' Strand featured Chaplin in "The Cure," a 1917 Mutual. 

The Pullman Herald, 09-December-1922

The Liberty in Pullman, Washington showed "The Adventurer," Chaplin's last Mutual. The feature The Witching Hour was directed by William Desmond Taylor. We will hear more about him. 

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