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Zane Grey Week -- The Man of the Forest -- June 9, 2021

Motion Picture News, 21-May-1921

Zane Grey was a popular Western novelist in the first half of the Twentieth Century. I had read about movies made from his stories, so I took a few novels out from the Anza Branch Library. It turns out that he was not a very good writer, but he did produce interesting characters and descriptions.

I thought I might join with producer Benjamin B Hampton and have a Zane Grey Week. Why did producer Benjamin B Hampton have a Zane Grey Week? It was to help promote his production of The Man of the Forest, the third of his six adaptions of Zane Grey novels.

The Photodramatist, September, 1921

Hampton must have been an interesting guy. He published A History of the Movies in 1931. He was editor and publisher of Hampton's Magazine, which he founded in 1908 and stopped publishing in 1912. He wrote a column in The Photodramatist.

Chicasha Daily Express, 23-June-1923

The Man of the Forest starred Carl Gantvoort. I don't think I have ever heard of Carl Gantvoort, whose IMDB entry lists only nine films. Jean Hersholt later became a well-known actor and a dedicated philanthropist.

Indiana Daily Times, 04-April-1921

Washington Evening Star, 01-February-1932
Benjamin B Hampton died in 1932 at the age of 57. If I ever do another Zane Grey Week, I should write about his movies. 

Thank you to everyone who visited Zane Grey Week.

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