Saturday, May 1, 2021

Our Daily Bread -- May 1, 2021

Today is International Workers' Day. God bless the grocery workers, the transit operators, the medical workers, the janitors, the farm workers who kept working through the pandemic. We owe them a great debt. 

Way back when I grew up in San Francisco, our PBS station, KQED-Channel 9 played King Vidor's Our Daily Bread. I had not yet seen The Crowd, so I did not know that the leads were supposed to be the same characters. John and Mary move from the city to a farm, hoping to provide for themselves, but they know nothing about farming. Various downtrodden people come down the road. Some know about farming. Some know about baking. The farm becomes a co-op or collective. Everyone works. A drought threatens their crop, but in a great montage, we see everyone pitch in to build a ditch to carry water to the fields. Strange movie.

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