Thursday, September 5, 2019

Mrs Sidney Drew Acts in Lake George Locale -- September 5, 2019

Photoplay, September, 1919
Sidney Drew starred in the Mr and Mrs Sidney Drew comedies with his first wife, Gladys Rankin Drew and his second wife, Lucille McVey. Sidney's sister, Georgiana Drew, was the mother of Ethel, Lionel and John Barrymore. Sidney and his first wife were the parents of S Rankin Drew. The Mr and Mrs Sidney Drew series was a success for Vitagraph, then Metro and then Paramount. Sidney Drew died on 19-April-1919.

Lucille went on to write, direct and star in movies on her own.

Motion Picture News, 06-September-1919
"A Sisterly Scheme" was Lucille's first production without Sidney.

Moving Picture World, 06-September-1919
The movie was shot at the resort town of Lake George, New York.

Moving Picture World, 27-September-1919
Hobart Henley directed A Gay Old Dog, a feature adapted from an Edna Ferber story by Lucille McVey.

Moving Picture World, 27-September-1919
Pathé released The Gay Old Dog.

Moving Picture World, 20-September-1919
We saw back in May, 1918 that S Rankin Drew, son of Sidney and Gladys, was killed in battle:

When show business people in New York formed a branch of the American Legion, an organization for war veterans, they named it after S Rankin Drew.  Lucille sent a gracious note to thank them.  

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