Thursday, June 13, 2019

Tom Mix at Old Tricks Again -- June 13, 2019

Moving Picture World, 07-June-1919
100 years ago this month, Tom Mix was starring in Fox's The Wilderness Trail, which was set in the wilds of Canada. The caption makes fun of Tom's sweater. I say you'd have to be confident in your masculinity to wear it.

Moving Picture World, 14-June-1919
Romance of Cow Hollow was released as Rough-Riding Romance. There is a neighborhood in San Francisco known as Cow Hollow.  No relation.

Moving Picture World, 21-June-1919
In Rough Riding Romance, Tom was a poor farmer who struck oil and went to San Francisco to help a princess he met when she visited Cow Hollow.

Moving Picture World, 28-June-1919
Fox had a lot of movies in release, including seven Victory Pictures starring Tom Mix.

Moving Picture World, 28-June-1919
High Speed may have been released as The Speed Maniac.  I do not know what became of A Hard-Boiled Tenderfoot.

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