Tuesday, May 21, 2019

This Lad is in a Class by Himself -- May 21, 2019

Moving Picture World, 03-May-1919
100 years ago this month, in May, 1919, Harold Lloyd and his leading lady Bebe Daniels shared a sofa with a cute dog.

Moving Picture World, 10-May-1919
I do not know why Bebe is dressed as a caveperson.

Moving Picture World, 17-May-1919
Bebe Daniels, Harold Lloyd and Snub Pollard hiding under the table.

Moving Picture World, 17-May-1919
Hal Roach is quoted as saying that "'Si, Senor' … fairly thrills with the spirit of chili-con-carne and is full of tomale intensity."  Please excuse the racism.

Moving Picture World, 17-May-1919
I don't know of another silent comedy short that depicts a marathon.

Moving Picture World, 24-May-1919
I like Bebe's expression as she times a hard-boiled egg.

Moving Picture World, 24-May-1919
Harold Lloyd played a millionaire in "Back to the Woods."  He did that in several movies.

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