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Clear to the Roof -- May 25, 1919

Moving Picture World, 10-May-1919
100 years ago this month, in May, 1919, Buster Keaton was awaiting his discharge from the Army. Roscoe Arbuckle and Al St John continued to produce comedies for Comique in California.

Moving Picture World, 10-May-1919
Roscoe's wife, Minta Durfee, who had appeared in many Keystone comedies, considered returning to the screen.

Moving Picture World, 10-May-1919
"...she is wading through scenarios and books that contain the material in which she is most interested."

Moving Picture World, 17-May-1919
" of the few leading women who is going to return to the screen, after a two years' absence."  She did not return to movies at this time, but did appear in uncredited parts in many talkies.

Maui News, 30-May-1919
If you were in Maui, Territory of Hawaii, you could see Roscoe in "The Pullman Porter" at the Wailuku Orpheum.

Moving Picture World, 03-May-1919
Tower Film Corporation was rereleasing old movies, including a set of twelve Keystones with Roscoe.

Moving Picture World, 10-May-1919
"Custer's Last Fight" was a 1912 film produced by Thomas Ince. Francis Ford played Custer and directed.  The William S Hart films were two-reelers produced by Ince in 1914.

Moving Picture World, 24-May-1919
Buster returned from doing his duty.

Moving Picture World, 31-May-1919
Roscoe purchased the Vernon franchise of the Pacific Coast League.  Roscoe and Buster were great baseball fans.

A scorebook graced with a photo of Roscoe.

Moving Picture World, 31-May-1919
Roscoe, Buster, Al St John and leading lady Molly Malone put on a comedy exhibition before a double header against the San Francisco Seals. The Vernon Tigers and the Seals split the double header.

Moving Picture World, 09-August-1919

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