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Bring the Children. This Boy is Always Good for a Laugh -- 19-May-2019

Chickasha, Oklahoma Daily Express, 30-May-1919
Billy West closely imitated Charlie Chaplin in a long series of comedies for different studios. While Chaplin was making the excellent Mutual comedies, West was making imitations of Chaplin's Essanay comedies. We saw West move from King-Bee to Bull's Eye.

Note that the bill at the Kozy Theater in Chickasha, Oklahoma is interesting.  "The Stagecoach Driver and the Girl," was a rerelease of a one-reeler that Tom Mix made for the Selig Polyscope Company in 1915.  There is also a chapter of "The Master Mystery," a serial starring Harry Houdini.  "Its Weird; It Thrills; Its different."  Those "Its" should have apostrophes.

Moving Picture World, 03-May-1919
"Her First False Hair" is an interesting title.

Moving Picture World, 03-May-1919
Bulls Eye (no apostrophe in this title) sold comedies with Billy West and Gale Henry on a states rights basis.

Moving Picture World, 10-May-1919
"Coppers and Scents"?  That is pushing it.

Moving Picture World, 10-May-1919
Executives from the offices in New York and the studio in Hollywood decided to split the difference and meet in Chicago.

Moving Picture World, 17-May-1919
Bulls Eye comedies with Billy West were selling well.

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