Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tim Pigott-Smith and Powers Boothe, RIP -- May 16,2017

Sunday night we watched the Masterpiece Theater adaption of Mike Bartlett's King Charles III.  It lived up to the reviews of the production that came to San Francisco.  I had forgotten that it was in blank verse.  After it ended and before some cast interviews, my wife noticed a title that said it was dedicated to the memory of Tim Pigott-Smith, who had played King Charles.  I looked it up and learned that he had died last month.  I didn't see anything about it. 

I remember him from The Jewel in the Crown, many Shakespeare productions, and lots of British mystery shows. 


Monday I learned that Powers Boothe had died.  When I first heard of him, I thought his name was a put-on, but it was his real name.  I first remember him from a television movie about Jim Jones.  The Chronicle ran a photo of Boothe wearing sunglasses that scared me.  He was good playing Philip Marlowe in an HBO series. 

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