Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Exhibitor Who Looks Into Luke Comedies is Looking Into a Good Thing -- February 5, 2017

Moving Picture World, 17-February-1917

"Looking Into a Good Thing!  The exhibitor who looks into LUKE comedies is looking to a good thing and will surely book them."  Note that the ad shows Harold Lloyd looking particularly Chaplinesque as Lonesome Luke, but does not mention his name. 

Rolin was a company founded by Hal Roach and Dan Linthicum. Harold Lloyd was their first comedy star. Bebe Daniels was their cute leading lady and Snub Pollard was Snub Pollard.

Moving Picture World, 17-February-1917
 This two-page spread says that Luke comedies will be two reels starting on March 18.  Two reel comedies were more prestigious than one reelers.  They also cost more than twice as much and took more than twice as long to produce.  They were a bigger risk. 

"This is the trio that causes the laughs heard 'round the world -- Harold Lloyd 'Snub' Pollard and Bebe Daniels in Luke Comedies"  Bebe and Harold appear to be sitting on a broom. 

Moving Picture World, 17-February-1917
Pathé signed Rolin to a new contract. 

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