Saturday, December 30, 2023

Discarded Brassieres -- December 30,. 2023

Variety, 31-January-1924

Fred Allen, the greatest comedian of old time radio, made his first movie in 1929. In 1923 I think he toured the country in a traveling company of The Passing Show of 1922, and then probably went back to vaudeville. I can't find a Broadway show called The Sidewalks of New York in 1923. 

Variety, 27-December-1923

Nellie Revell wrote a column in Variety call Right off the Chest. In 1923, she published a book with a collection of columns. Fred Allen's ad parodied the title as Discarded Brassieres.

Variety, 03-January-1924

Fred Allen gave a Question Man item asking people if they believed in Santa Claus. He combined it with New Year's wishes. He mentions that he has been with Willie and Eugene Howard in The Passing Show of 1922.

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