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Chaplin -- Laugh? They'll Just Pass Out Completely -- December 14, 2023

Motion Picture News, 22-December-1923

"Charles Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks pay respects to John Barrymore as he is making "Beau Brummel" at Warner's Studio." At first, I thought this must have been an old photo from the set of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Chaplin's hat resembles the one the bad guy wore in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde but then I remembered that Barrymore's Beau Brummel wound up old and decrepit. Douglas has his hair curled for The Thief of Bagdad

Motion Picture News, 01-December-1923

"Perfect Motion Picture: No One Should Miss It." Chaplin's feature A Woman of Paris was doing good business, even though he made only a cameo appearance. United Artists advertised it heavily.

Motion Picture News, 08-December-1923

"Grips Without a Lariat; Holds Without Extra Mob." They are trying to say that it is a good movie without having huge numbers of extras.

Motion Picture News, 22-December-1923

"Takes Its Place Among New Things of Screen."

Motion Picture News, 29-December-1923

"The Best Picture of This or Any Month." 

Motion Picture News, 08-December-1923

Chaplin was at work on his "first comedy release for United Artists Corporation," The Gold Rush

Film Daily, 16-December-1923

The movie career of Charlie's older half-brother Sydney was on and off. He took time to handle Charlie's business matters and became an aviation entrepreneur. Syd appeared in a group of films produced by Thomas Ince and Mickey Neilan.

Motion Picture News, 08-December-1923

"Laugh? they'll just pass out completely..." Great slogan.

Motion Picture News, 15-December-1923

Laugh? Why they'll d--- near pass out laughing at this one..."

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