Thursday, November 30, 2023

Martha Mansfield 100 Years -- November 30, 2023

Actress Martha Mansfield had a tragically short career. She appeared in Max Linder's Essanay films. Her best remembered, perhaps her only, remembered movie is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with John Barrymore. On 09-September-1923, she was working on The Warrens of Virginia, directed by Elmer Clifton. Her hoop-skirted Civil War era costume caught fire, perhaps on a discarded match, and she was burned severely. She died the next day. The film was completed but is now considered lost.

Motion Picture Magazine, July, 1922

Fall River Evening Herald, 30-November-1923

She was really 24 years old. There is some conflict about whether the accident occurred on the set or in her automobile.

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