Saturday, November 11, 2023

Happy Veterans Day, 2023 -- Ernest Borgnine -- November 11, 2023

Actor Ernest Borgnine Happy Veterans Day, everyone.

Actor Ernest Borgnine enlisted in the US Navy in 1935 and was honorably discharged in October, 1941. After Pearl Harbor, he reenlisted. He served on antisubmarine patrols until he was discharged again in 1945. I couldn't find a photo taken while he was in the Navy, but I did find one from his time portraying Captain Quintin McHale.

In interviews, he always sounded like a wonderful grandfather or uncle. In movies, he often played murderous villains. I first remember seeing him in reruns of McHale's Navy. Then I saw him in Emperor of the North Pole. Then The Dirty Dozen, then Marty, then The Wild Bunch, then Bad Day at Black Rock. I was confused about him, but I always knew he was a good actor, who wasn't afraid to open the throttle.

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