Friday, February 17, 2023

Hoot Gibson -- The Peerless Dare Devil of the Saddle -- February 17, 2023

Seattle Star, 23-February-1923

I always enjoy Hoot Gibson movies. He added a lot of comedy to his films. Nat Ross directed The Galloping Kid.

Motion Picture News, 10-February-1923

Leo Maloney directed several movies with Hoot Gibson, but he also starred in a series of two-reel Range Rider westerns.

Motion Picture News, 06-January-1923

I didn't get to post this one last month. Ford Beebe directed Under Suspicion

Motion Picture News, 03-February-1923

Ford Beebe also directed Border Law.

Motion Picture News, 13-January-1923

Another one I didn't get to post last month. When I saw Neal Hart's name, I assumed he was one of many actors who changed their last names to match famous stars, but Neal Hart was this gentleman's real name and he was said to be a distant cousin of William S Hart.

Motion Picture News, 03-February-1923

William Farnum, a big, tough-looking guy, appeared in many westerns. Brass Commandments (interesting title) was directed by Lynn Reynolds.

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