Friday, November 19, 2021

Give Your Patrons the Time of Their Lives With Buster Keaton -- November 19, 2021

Moving Picture World, 12-November-1921

First National, having taken over distribution of Keaton's second season of silent short comedies, was promoting them heavily. "Oh! What a joy ride!" "The Boat" is one of the all-time absolute unquestionable best silent comedy shorts of all time.

Motion Picture News, 05-November-1921

"The Playhouse," the last picture released in Buster's first season, received equal billing with the feature on this bill. "A hilarious comedy." I still think the image, which we saw in another ad last month, does not do justice to Buster Keaton.

Washington Times, 15-November-1921

I like this blurb for "The Boat." "The King of Drollery at His Unsmiling Best in the Funniest Two-Reel Shriek Ever Show on a Screen." 

I noticed that I have mentioned Charles Ray in this blog only once. He was a big star who played naïve young men or country bumpkins in pictures that he produced, and sometimes directed, himself. His career was about to take a turn for the worse. 

Exhibitors Herald, 26-November-1921

"There's Gales of Laughter When the Waves Roll High."

Exhibitors Herald, 05-November-1921

"Sit Tight! Don't Rock the Boat!"

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