Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Chaplin -- Bring Your Can-Openers -- November 24, 2021

Great Falls Tribune, 06-November-1921

I like this image from Chaplin's short comedy, "The Idle Class." Mack Swain, an old associate of Chaplin from Keystone, plays Edna's father. Chaplin plays Edna's husband or the tramp, probably the latter. Edna Purviance plays the unhappily married wife.

Alexandria Gazette, 23-November-1921

"Bring your can-openers. There's a reason."

Chaplin often said he was getting tired of playing the Tramp. This story about a luncheon given in his honor by First National, says that he contemplated alternating serious and comic films.

Another story about the luncheon, Chaplin said that he wanted to sign a new contract with First National after his current one expired.

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