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Held By The Enemy -- October 11, 2020


Motion Picture News, 09-October-1920

William Gillette is best remembered for writing and starring in the first successful play about Sherlock Holmes. Gillette was born in Hartford, Connecticut on 24-July-1853. He became an actor when he was 20. By 1881, he was an actor, director and playwright. Gillette stressed realism in sets, lighting and sound effects and naturalism in acting. All this was a great change from the melodramatic standards in American theater. Gillette worked closely with producer Charles Frohman. Gillette's Civil War play Held by the Enemy was a great success in the United States and Great Britain. Paramount produced an adaption in 1920, which is presumed to be lost. 

Library of Congress (POS - TH - 1898 .H44, no. 2 (C size) <P&P> [P&P])

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