Thursday, October 31, 2019

October, 2019 Movie Challenge -- October 31, 2019

Thank you to @SharonHepworth3 for organizing the October Movie Challenge on Twitter.

Day 1: Recommend a sci-fi film.
From the 21-March-1936 Universal Weekly.

Universal Weekly, 21-March-1936
Day 2: Name a film cliché you would like to see go away.
Interminable scrolling credits.

Day 3 : Movie you watched over and over again as a kid.
Day 4: Movie that made you want to visit the place where it was filmed.
Brian De Palma's Obsession.
Day 5: Critically Panned movie that you love.
Day 6: Recommend a 1960s movie.

Day 7: Favorite snack at the theater (or do you go snackless?)
Junior Mints.

Day 8: A favorite movie poster.
Day 9: A movie that you loved as a kid that you still enjoy.
Day 10: Recommend a black and white movie.
Day 11: The movie was better than the book.
Day 12: Favorite pre-1970 film score.
Day 13: Recommend a western.

Day 14: Not-very-famous movie line that you love to quote.
"Darling, it is I, Raoul."

Day 15: Recommend a cult film.
Day 16: Favorite quirky film.
Day 17: Recommend a film made in Asia.
Day 18: Healthiest onscreen romance.
Day 19: Favorite movie mom.
Day 20: Favorite movie dad.
Day 21: Genre you just can't get into.
Day 22: Recommend a film from the year you were born.
Day 23: First movie you bought on home video with your own money.
Day 24: Movie that made you fall in love with a genre. #OctoberMovieChallenge
Day 25: Recommend a comedy short film. #OctoberMovieChallenge
Day 26: Recommend a low-budget film. My power is getting shut off soon so I may miss a few days. #OctoberMovieChallenge
Day 27: Name a movie star who needs more love. #OctoberMovieChallenge
Moving Picture News, 06-December-1930

Day 28: Favorite costume designer. #OctoberMovieChallenge
Vera West
Day 29: Movie you love but expected to hate. #OctoberMovieChallenge
Day 30: Film character you want as a BFF. #OctoberMovieChallenge

Film Daily Yearbook, 1927
Day 31: Recommend a feel-good movie. #OctoberMovieChallenge

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