Sunday, February 3, 2019

Make Him a Modern Jester in the Court of Good Will -- February 3, 2019

Motion Picture News, 08-February-1919
100 years ago this month, in February, 1919, Larry was featured in a full page ad for a "Big 'V' Special Comedy," Scamps and Scandal.  Vitagraph liked alliterative titles.

Motion Picture News, 01-February-1919
Larry receives a mention in the fine print of this ad.  Montgomery and Rock get larger billing and two photos from "Love and Lather."  More alliteration.

Motion Picture News, 01-February-1919
All twelve titles are alliterative, if I counted correctly.

Motion Picture News, 01-February-1919
Larry made a trip to New York for "routine business."

Facebook -- Vintage Graphic Design and Poster Art

Moving Picture World, 22-February-1919
If Larry took a fast train, like the Southern Pacific's Sunset Limited or Golden State or the Santa Fe's California Limited or Chief, the trip each way would have taken four nights.

Motion Picture News, 22-February-1919
Larry came back from New York with two more years on his contract.

Moving Picture World, 22-February-1919
Larry's former cameraman Troy Brown joined a new series with Max Davidson, who later made some wonderful movies with Hal Roach.

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