Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Paramount-Arbuckle Comedies -- January 29, 2019

Moving Picture World, 04-January-1919
Roscoe Arbuckle's new studio on Alessandro Street.

Moving Picture World, 11-January-1919
"Camping Out" was one of the movies that Roscoe Arbuckle and his nephew Al St John made while their friend Buster Keaton was in the US Army.  Chester Conklin and Louise Fazenda starred in Mack Sennett's "The Village Chestnut."

Moving Picture World, 25-January-1919
"This is not to say that 'Camping Out' is not amusing, but ranks far below other vehicles for Fatty's laughable psychology."

Moving Picture World, 18-January-1919
This ad promises more Paramount-Arbuckle comedies.

Moving Picture World, 25-January-1919
Roscoe's dog Luke appeared in many of Roscoe's movies.

Moving Picture World, 25-January-1919
"Love" would be another movie without Buster Keaton.

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